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    bobapp下载. is located in Dongyang Jiangbei High-tech Industrial Park, which is a national high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise integrating product development, production and sales. The company has a complete line of formulations for topical dermatological preparations, and has passed GMP certification and ISO9001/14001 dual system certification. The company's products have obvious characteristics and significant benefits, and in 2019 "Fuo Nuo" ointment single product sales revenue of nearly 300 million yuan. The company has won the honorary titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top 100 Growing Science and Technology Enterprise in Zhejiang Province", "Top 20 Mu Average Efficiency (Biomedical) in Zhejiang Province", "Leading Industrial Enterprise in Dongyang City", etc.

    The company has strong research and development force, built provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center and academician expert workstation, has domestic leading research and development platform for topical preparations, high level chemical, new drug, generic drug research and development platform for biopharmaceutical (microbial fermentation, genetically engineered drugs), and has established cooperative relationship with many colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, forming a strong independent research and development and scientific and technological achievements into strength. "Integrity and Promise · Focusing and Professionalism", the company is based on research and development driven, pragmatic development, steady progress, committed to provide excellent drugs, improve the quality of human life, and strive to become a leader in the field of skin treatment. Establish a hundred-year brand and build a hundred-year enterprise.

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  • Product Advantages

    The U.S. FDA registered products, with the latest cGMP management of the entire process of production, inspection and sales, product quality is completely reliable.

  • R&D Advantages

    The company's independent research and development team to support, continue to develop exclusive products with independent intellectual property rights, featuring dermatological drugs, biological agents, using cutting-edge new technology to develop new products to meet the needs of the public healthy life.

  • Quality Advantages

    With cGMP certification and ISO9001/14001 dual system certification, product quality is fully guaranteed. On the basis of comprehensive reference to international standard research and development technology, the company with advanced modern production and the pursuit of product quality.

  • Production Advantages

    New automatic packaging line, can mass produce various packaging specifications of ointments, creams, laminated paper, aluminum and plastic packaging products.

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