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About Zhejiang FONOW Medicine Co., Ltd.

“We are a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality Topical Ointments, Creams, and Gels.”

What We Do Best:

  • Develop, manufacture, and market Dermatological products

    We deliver compliant, responsive, agile, cost-effective, and highly-flexible development and manufacturing options for dermatological OTC drug products.

  • Private Label Store Brand Products

    Zhejiang FONOW Medicine offers National Brand Equivalent formulations for its customers store brand OTC Ointments, Creams, and Gels.  We offer the best prices with low MOQ’s.

  • CHINESE GMP Audited Facility

    Supply our customers with US FDA/CFDA registered and approved OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, and Gels.

  • “Providing the highest quality medical products at the most affordable prices”

    Founded in 2002, Zhejiang FONOW Medicine Co., Ltd., is a pharmaceutical company engaged in health & beauty R&D, production, marketing of pharmaceutical products in China. The Company specially produces, markets and distributes ointments for anti-infection, burning,wounds remedies and skin-beauty. As a provider of contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services to the health care industry, the company has utilized its production and distribution capabilities to establish a pharmaceutical operation focused on supplying the growing demand for drugs on the dermatology.

    FONOW Company began construction on a new state of the art production facility in August of 2004. The plant site is located in the Industry Economic Development Zone of Dongyang City, which is about 10 kilometers from the China Yiwu International Trade City. We expect to become the special ointment manufacturing factory in China.

    The company has two Ointment workshop, one Cream workshop and three API workshop now. The factory includes over 150,000 square feet of production space with research laboratory and administration buildings capable of producing 5,000,000 tubes and 10,000,000 foil packets for ointment and cream annually. It is constructed as a modern production facility and followed Chinese Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification guidelines. The company has also certified the factory under United States GMP regulations since 2007.

    FONOW Company received GMP approval from the China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") on February 9th, 2007 and started production in the facility on May 30th, 2006.

    The company has established contract pharmaceutical manufacturing relationships with some US and Europe pharmaceutical companies. The ointment products have been exported abroad since 2007. We expect to cooperate with you to win an unprecedented step. We make our best efforts all the time for the healthy service of human society.

  • We provide our FONOW™ Brand and Private Label OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, and Gels of the highest quality with cGMP certification, NDC, US FDA registration at the most affordable prices.
  • Zhejiang FONOW Medicine also offers FONOW™ individually packed, easy to use and based on the latest USP/EP/CP formulation.
  • Headquartered in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province PR China, we are committed to providing the best quality, value and customer service.
  • All of our FONOW™ Brand of Topical Ointments, Creams, Gels and our bobapp下载™, Compound Polymyxin B Ointment also available via various hospital ,drug stores, community clinic, and others.
  • Quality

    Our commitment to quality

    Our quality control is unsurpassed. With direct involvement in our manufacturing facilities, we uphold to the most demanding quality control standards in the industry, attaining cGMP, CFDA certification, and ISO certifications.

    The best quality with the right ingredients at the best prices equals VALUE. For instance, our FONOW™ Triple antibiotic Ointment is exactly what consumers need at a price that cannot be matched. Value is part of every product and every decision we make at Zhejiang FONOW Medicine.

    Our commitment to service.

    With the enormous choices worldwide customers have, Zhejiang FONOW Medicine is one stop shopping for many of your OTC needs, offering globle customers convenience and confidence.  Our online shopping experience via Amazon/Alibaba seamless, and easy to use on any device. Orders are sent directly to our warehouse and shipped out as soon as they are received. In fact, our reputation for service and value has attracted customers worldwide.

    Zhejiang FONOW Medicine has also become the preferred provider of generic pharmaceuticals, OTC topical ointments, creams, and gels to various NGO’s, charitable organizations and government agencies. These organizations around the world have come to trust our quality, value and service.


    The Fonow Medicine FONOW™ line of products represents the highest quality (GMP) at an affordable price including: many OTC medications and medical supplies.

    The company logo originates from the company's first letter "F ",composed of bird shaped heart and F letter, which represents our sincere service to consumers

    As a symbol of aggressiveness, continuous effort and professional pharmaceutical technology, our logo is the perfect sign of high quality standards and ethics for Zhejiang Fonow Medicine in China.

    Zhejiang Fonow Medicine is continuously expanding its spirit of continuous efforts to provide customers with better services.

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    OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, and Gels

    "FUMEIDA"-Moisturizing Facial Cleanser&Cream


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